Kelly Asay

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Live With Dave Bock

You may know Dave Bock (fb) as the ultra talented shredder with Mr. Wizard, or as the enigmatic guitarist, bassist and vocalist with Frown Squad, but there is much more to this exceptional musician.  You are in for a treat Friday at the Village Green (a super chill spot to have a drink and hear music), […]

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Creswell Bakery

I return to the lovely Creswell Bakery with some new material and maybe even a couple new jokes…maybe.  Still my favorite place to play – good wine, great food and great people.  These shows are early (5 to 7pm) so start your weekend off right and join me at Heidi Tunnell’s Creswell Bakery.

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Kelly Asay and Friends

Creswell Bakery is fast becoming the go to venue for excellent music, food, wine and beer.  I love playing here.  This time, I’m bringing a few guests along, you’ll love them.  These shows are the perfect way to kick off your weekend – they start early (4:30), and end early (7:30).  Stop in, say hello!

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