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I Guess It’s About Time…

For all the years I’ve been playing and performing, I’ve always been content to sing backup (and some lead), be the best supporting member I could be. I love to rehearse, I love to be on stage, I love everything about performing. I started songwriting in earnest about 7 years ago or so and began going to open mics to try out my stuff, and get over my mental block about my guitar playing.

See, I started out life on Piano, then classical music on bass then cello. As soon as I picked up an electric bass I knew it was my baby. At least up until I wanted to sing my kids to sleep at night. I was given a cheap plywood guitar by a friend (I still play it live from time to time) and so I started learning some songs to sing to the boys….in the dark. Bad habits resulted, I still fight the urge to sing and play with my eyes closed. Once I started writing music I decided I wanted to try it out live. Now I haven’t been nervous on stage since I was about 11, but I can say, stepping up to do an open mic, just you and your guitar…yup, that’s a jolt to the system. I persisted.

Sometime during this period I hooked up with a fellow vintage musician and joined their band “The Procrastinators”, playing rythym guitar and singing harmonies, gradually moving to singing some lead. A number of years after I joined, our lead guitar player (Ken Dutchess) moved to Japan and left us facing recruiting, disbanding, or me stepping up. If you know me, you know what I chose. I became the lead guitar player and shared vocals with bassist Jeff Tunnell. We still play together today: me, Jeff and our very cool drummer Don Poole. When Jeff’s daughter Heidi (Creswell Bakery!) started her business, Jeff had enough confidence in me to make me the main entertainer for Heidi’s now famous Barn Dinners and dinner concerts at the bakery. I wrote many of the songs I perform today during that period of time.

As enough years went by, The Procrastinators doing a lot of recording in our Band Cave studio and me performing at Heidi’s, I decided I should probably take this a little more seriously. After all, I’m not getting any younger (except possibly in my humor and behavior). If I’m going to fully enjoy singing and performing, something I’ve wanted to do since I was 6, I should get busy.

Sooo, I started putting together a website, that should be done eventually, and I decided it’s time to make an album (yes we vintage players still call them that). I look forward to letting you hear where my heart and head go when it comes to music, as well as introduce you to some good friends and terrific musicians along the way.


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