Kelly Asay



Sailing Ships and a Safe Harbor

This was supposed to be strictly an outing for Eugene Daily News; heading to Coos Bay to do a story on the Hawaiian Princess and the Lady Washington’s annual trip.  I decided it would be a good excuse for the boys and I to take a short road trip together, have a little father/son bonding time.  It was a great choice.

We were early so we had some strudel and coffee at a nearby German restaurant, then walked around the docks a little, taking in the historical markers, the smell of the water and the sea breeze.

Here’s the story: “Ships are the nearest things to dreams…”

True to from we were able to illicit a little bad behaviour from the captain and crew – it’s a gift – nothing dangerous, but certainly entertaining.  On the way home we found a safe harbor where we could get some pretty amazing food.  Here’s the review: The Harbor Light.