Kelly Asay

The Procrastinators Experience is the culmination of almost a decade of writing songs, drinking wine (and beer – Don), rehearsing and performing. We want to take the full production we’ve done on some of our songs, and want to do on others, and bring it live. Ultimately planning a 90 minute live show, we’ve got our eyes set on doing openers at the Cuthbert, McDonald Theater and possibly even the Hult Center. While we aren’t sure how we’re going to get there, we figure a goal is a good thing.

The Procrastinators Experience is:

Jeff Tunnell – Vocals, Bass
Don Poole – Drums and Percussion
Kelly Asay – Vocals, Guitar
Jennifer Brazil – Vocals, Percussion
Rick Schacter – Vocals, Guitar, Pedal and Lap Steel
Steven Ingham – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Violin
Unconfirmed – Piano, Organ

The Songs

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